Become A Cam Pie Model

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Performing on Cam Pie is a breeze! All you need to do is visit the Performer Registration page and create an account using a fun, memorable username that best represents you. It's advisable to choose a different username than your personal accounts to protect your privacy. Additionally, ensure that your chosen username is original and easy to recall.

Once that's done, the next step is to upload a valid government-issued ID that clearly displays your date of birth, photo, ID number, legal name, and has not expired by clicking the Upload ID For Verification button on the Model Registration page.

Acceptable forms of identification include Plastic IDs issued by the government, Driver's license IDs, Passports, Military IDs. However, birth certificates, handwritten or drawn IDs, photoshopped, or manipulated images, and temporary permits are not acceptable.

You will also need to submit a clear photo of yourself holding your government-issued ID next to your face, with the main text of the ID readable by clicking the Upload Document for Verification button on the Model Registration Page. If you frequently wear heavy makeup or costumes while performing, you may include an additional photo of yourself in that attire, along with your ID to prevent any verification issues.

Once your age has been verified, you will receive an email to e-sign the Performer Agreement. After you have read and e-signed the agreement, you will receive another email with a PDF of the agreement for your records.

If you plan to perform with someone else, they must also submit their acceptable government-issued photo ID before appearing on your broadcast or uploaded content.

Once your account is age-verified, you can start broadcasting and earning tokens!

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